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moncler outlet Members from across the country including Michigan, Georgia and Florida have flown into the Air Station in Elizabeth City.”While the storm was just turning over in the coast yesterday, it was frustrating to not be able to get down there and assist so we were ready for it this morning,” he said. “We got calls as early as 3 o’clock and we were airborne by 5 (o’clock Saturday morning).”Hurricane Florence turned deadly with several people killed in its path, and Deer mentioned the number of rescues made is climbing.”This morning there was a report of a family of five in a car with water rising around it and then I believe the Marines actually pulled up with an amphibious vehicle and got them,” continued Deer. “While we were heading to that one there was another report of another case to 13 people that needed rescue.”The Coast Guard said they currently have seven helicopters in New Bern, North Carolina, that are coordinating with state emergency operators to get victims to higher ground.”We’ll send a rescue basket down and you get into the rescue basket and we pick you back up and it’s a pretty quick evolution,” the Commanding Officer added. moncler outlet

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