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Hermes Handbags It won’t take you long.Now look at the table below comparing the top six clubs’ spending and decide for yourself who is getting the best deal, and the most bang for their bucks.TRANSFER SPEND SINCE 2014 15 (gross) CLUB AMOUNT Man City Man United Chelsea Liverpool Arsenal Everton Tottenham Chelsea and Arsenal have spent more than a billion pounds on new players in five years between them.One Everton fan rang Six 0 Six last weekend and grumbled words to the effect that City were just buying the title.He should look a bit closer to home.Everton have spent in those five years, and will be lucky to finish in the top six.If you want to compile a value for money table, try Burnley only gross expenditure on transfers in the last five years, and they still made it into Europe this season.But to win the title, you have to spend big. That’s the bottom line. The only exception to that rule is Leicester, who produced a miracle three seasons ago which will probably never be repeated.Of the so called Big Six, Tottenham are the major over achievers.They didn’t spent anything on new faces last summer, yet a third of the way into the season they are in the Premier League’s top three and refusing to go quietly in the Champions League. Hermes Handbags

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