Smoking is one habit I cannot tolerate at all

Her heart is so big and giving. I envy the strength she has and I know she is returning some good into the world. Please Never Shake a Baby!I never wanted to shake mine.. My point is that I wasn’t looking to join the bandwagon of those who wanted to hop on a plane and start a life in a place where you basically don’t know anybody, at all.But, here I am, some years later after graduation, typing away in my room in a suburb I didn’t know existed until I decided to try my luck overseas. Yes, you read that right, I decided to quit my job for this (I never really liked it that much, anyway).I left my long time friends for strangers; I left my comfort zone for a place I am in no familiarity with whatsoever; I left everything I have ever known to try and learn new things in a place I never thought I would now be calling my home.The beginning was the hardest part of all. No surprise in that, really.

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