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replica Purse For example, the item could grant Shock has replica bags koh samui x% increased effect on enemies for each poison applied. This would allow for extreme ramping up of shock on bosses.andrewsmd87 323 points submitted 5 days agoNot that I blaming the devs because building a competent AI is pretty much impossible to date, but the thing I hate about harder difficulties is the massive bonuses they get early on.I could play the same civ, in the same manner 10 different times and lose 5 of those because I get placed next to someone who wants to war monger and has one of the early unit benefits and just rocks me.I remember quitting a game b/c it took 5 hits from an archer to kill one horse unit from mongolia, and one of those units could do like 30% damage to a city and barely lose any HP.I get it really the only way they sites can make it “harder” but that just makes it less fun to me a lot of the times.Plus, once you get advanced enough, them having extra HP doesn really replica bags online matter as you can still roll them with a good navy, a half a dozen bombers, a few rocket artil, and some tanks.talanton 8 points submitted 5 days agoTotal Annihilation had a fan made AI mod called Mostly Harmless. A non cheating AI, just had much better weights and smarter play strategies. replica Purse

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cheap replica handbags Well about two weeks ago, I was looking up something and Antigua was mentioned and I heard them actually pronounce it. It’s literally “Anteega” without the U. That’s the right way to say it. Then I see things like the ‘Maga walk of shame’ Facebook group and I realise that actually things haven’t moved on much since Tudor times when a mere rumour that a woman wasn’t a virgin could scupper her betrothal to the local ironworker’s apprentice.In case you missed it, the Facebook page in question is run by people who live in Magaluf, a party capital of Europe where teenagers tend to flock after they finish their A Levels to blow off steam.Unsurprisingly, given that it has hundreds of bars and clubs and a world wide reputation for being a party town, it’s not the best place to get a quiet night’s sleep.Now, I get how frustrating it must be to go to sleep at night to the dull thud of BassHunter and wake up in the morning to a street covered in brightly coloured vomit. But in what world is the answer to being frustrated with rambunctious holiday makers to slut shame them on the internet?One video posted on the group sees a man (behind the camera, of course) following a young woman, asking her questions about who she’s been with and what she’s been doing and eventually joy replica bags review shouting ‘get a shower’ at her as she tries to find a way to get home.It’s vile, humiliating, and judgemental and it makes me unspeakably depressed.It seems that some people require a little update, specifically a reminder that it’s 2018 and women are allowed to stay replica bags ebay out late, drink alcohol and have sex. The ‘walk of shame’ is a sexist, judgemental, outdated term used to attempt to shame women for having sex.There is nothing shameful about needing to find your way home after a night out, whether you’ve had a one night stand or not cheap replica handbags.