Even then, that mistake may be purposely there for other

Spoilers S2E01 Continuity of hosts on the beach

Ha, I remember in season one where everyone blames things on production errors, like the west world logos.Anyone have any production errors from season one that could alter the story line in that season? I’d have to argue it’s better to let their previous work demonstrate how meticulous they are (we were analyzing the god damn font on a dropped can and it still lined up with the two timeline theory). Also, this wouldn’t be the first time they purposely switched hosts in scenes to denote different loops, etc. Season one was extremely consistent between different loops and who was working at the whore house, Teddy’s presence, and other small details about the canada goose outlet location scenes of the towns (wanted posters, etc).Saying anything is a production error at this point, in my opinion, shows lack of faith in there work and doesn’t consider their previous track record of being extremely meticulous. If it was inconsistent between the two, I agree with the prop mistake angle, but they clearly had a different can design for each timeline and stuck to it.Its purpose is making the world feel real and lived in by accounting for as many little design details as they can, including how things changed between the past/present scenes. Doing this with world building can help any narrative, but in a mystery laden story like this, it has the added effect of giving the audience more clues to puzzle over and figure out the twist before it shown.My opinion is that unless it is blatantly obvious and conflicts with the story at the end of the season, it seems like a illogical jump to assume something is a mistake. Even then, that mistake may be purposely there for other seasons. We never canada goose jacket outlet uk know unless someone confirms it. It seems like putting words canadagooseofficials in the production teams mouths by saying it is a mistake just doesn seem like the right thing to do IMO.The cans had several seconds of full screen time, center of focus. I hope that it wasn a mistake if they are going to have several scenes of cans rolling as the main focus. The logos were very obviously not a mistake. The deceptive editing around Dolores trip to Las Mudas was clearly not a mistake. The milk can could go either way. It might have been there to show that the scene was happening at a different canada goose parka outlet time, it might have been a screw up by the prop department, hell it might have been intended to show that the original prop department in world in Westworld screwed up, and some canada goose outlet in montreal poor schlub who was just trying to get the Delos employee discount got fired, and had to go on the future equivalent of unemployment before drinking himself to death on white russians.Prop and continuity errors happen in every single show or movie, regardless of the budget. Personally, I think the milk can was a mistake because it just doesn add anything to the narrative. The logos could have been a mistake, or hold over from earlier filming, but by the end of season 1 were clearly intended to show that something was going on with the the timeframes.Now, with regards to the beach scene, I do think that it at the very least, supposed canada goose outlet new york city to show that Bernard is an unreliable narrator. There are just too many odd edits implying that Bernard is experiencing time jumps. Now, it could just be an editing decision to make the audience feel as disjointed as Bernard, but given the events of season 1, I think there more to it. By the end of it, I don care about the can, it wasn a cornerstone of the theory at the time but just something interesting to point out. I do think that they may have done it more for consistency rather than narrative. If your going to create a show with time jumps, consistency and goose outlet canada trying your best to keep the stories straight and proper for when people go back to view it for the 1000th time is critical, because you know your work is going to be over analyzed.We one episode in so as more evidence rolls in, I easily willing to change my mind, but I 100% believe that, as shown currently, Bernard is likely going through the beach scene multiple times. We see a finished show with a seemingly complete narrative the people in the edit both see a barely finished product they pulled 5 consecutive all nighters to get right just in time for Sunday premiere.Westworld isn the kind of tentpole prestige series that can be meticulously crafted down to the level of detail we expect from a major motion picture. If you think the spacing on a milk can might be the show runner dropping a hint, you not giving credit to canada goose outlet in uk the canada goose outlet parka sheer difficulty of creating a canada goose outlet show like Westworld when you under enormous time pressure.IMO Westworld ratings success canada goose outlet online reviews means HBO is obliged to stretch out the life of the series for at least a few years, and we going to enter an area of a uppy type of story that doesn address any of the puzzles we beginning to imagine in our own heads right now.That isn giving credit to the sheer difficulty that would be giving too much credit to the production team. I rather error on the latter. I give them to benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

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