“But acts such as this against an unarmed man undermine the

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hermes belt replica aaa Captain Jody Wheelhouse, from 45 replica hermes silk scarves Commando, Arbroath, Scotland, admitted the same offence at an earlier hearing.The trial heard that Mr Ekhlas was assaulted by Leader and Wheelhouse, and that Leader based at the Commando Training Centre in Lympstone, Devon was seen hitting Mr Ekhlas with a Wellington boot.Judge Michael Hunter said: “This was a sustained assault on an hermes bag replica uk injured and unarmed prisoner, a middle aged Afghan man who was suspected of being part of a group who were attempting to plant an improvised explosive device.”It is understandable that those who have seen the effects of these devices should feel a degree of hatred or emotion towards those who plant them, especially when in Sergeant Leader’s case they had lost friends.”But acts such as this against an unarmed man undermine the standards of our armed forces and undermine everything our armed forces are trying to achieve in Afghanistan and puts the lives of our personnel in even greater danger.”Speaking outside court, Lt Col Nick Jermyn, from navy command headquarters, said: “We will always seek to bring to account those whose actions fall short of our high standards of behaviour, and the actions of these two individuals are not reflective of those of their colleagues in the Royal Marines, the Royal Navy or the wider armed forces.”Bob Williams, representing Wheelhouse, described his client as young and inexperienced, with less than two years in service at the time of the offence.”He now finds himself absolutely distraught, he’s devastated by what he has done. He has accepted his role in these unpleasant events and he’s thoroughly ashamed of what he has done.”Wheelhouse admitted striking Mr Ekhlas twice to the body with the boot, but said he had only joined in the assault as he was following the example of Leader, who was his troop sergeant.Leader, according to his defence Marcus Tregilgas Davey, disputed that the assault was his idea.His claim that he had only hit Mr Ekhas because he believed he was trying to escape custody was not believed by the court martial panel.’Degree of provocation’Mr Tregilgas Davey said Leader was set to lose up to in pension and other benefits through his dismissal from the service.He said: “There was a degree of provocation in that Mr Ekhlas was caught red handed planting an IED and Sergeant Leader had lost three of his friends through IEDs.”The trial heard that Mr Ekhlas was apprehended east of Sangin, Helmand Province, on suspicion of planting a roadside bomb, and was subjected to violence, classed as being legitimate force.He was transferred to a base where his injuries were photographed before he was taken to a tent, usually used by ill servicemen, the court heard.A female Royal Military Policewoman, who was guarding him had to leave the tent for a short time, putting the two Royal Marines in charge. They then assaulted him. hermes belt replica aaa

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