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You might have a shitty day but if you aren’t sick and if everyone’s ok then you’re lucky. But when things start going wrong you start noticing that there’s a huge chunk of your life hermes belt replica paypal that you can’t control no hermes replica belt uk matter how smart you are or no matter how prepared you are.”So she started to read about luck, and chance, not really sure where it would take her.Then she stumbled on poker and such was her fascination with the psychology of the game decided to take a closer look. “There’s private information that only you have, and there’s public information that everyone has, and people are trying to leverage that and make strategic decisions around it” she says.This caught her attention, and even though she did not know anything hermes birkin replica australia about poker an idea for a book began to take hold.”Unlike most poker players, I’m not someone who grew up in a gaming household.

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